Saying goodbye to 23 // sharing my birthday cake // giveaway winners announced.

Bye bye 23, it has been a pleasure!
As some of you may know I turned 24 yesterday, it always sounded like a big number but It's okay. Being 23 I had a very good time and many privileges like traveling across the globe and seeing my dad again + meeting my bf family in China. Besides traveling I also grew a lot and found myself a little bit more. It was also the age where I became a aunty for the first time. I loved being 23 but now it's time for a new chapter.

This year I decided to make my own birthday cake instead of ordering one. This cake contains Oreo's and Nutella, which is a dream come true for a sugar/ candy lover like I am. I found this recipe on the cookies, cupcakes and cardio website and it's delicious. I recommend you have tried this at least one time in your life, it's a life changer! Once you get to know the recipe you're able to give your own twist to it. I tend to put less sugar in it when I make it because it was really sweet the first time I made it, but everybody has it's own taste so you are able to do whatever you want.

Winner of the first giveaway : Candice C.
Winner of the second giveaway: Katja
Congratulations girls!

I've send a email to both of the girls, when I don't get a reply within 48 hours I choose another winner.
If you haven't won anything this time make sure to check my new giveaway starting today right here, you can enter until the 30th of June. This giveaway is also international!

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  5. Happy Birthday! I really like your photos. :)

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