How Youtube and google adsense ruined my weekend.

Hi friends, how are you?  Today I’m going to tell about a bad experience I had lately. So let me start from the beginning. A few months ago I decided to also start a Youtube channel because I wanted to make outfit video’s to fit with my blog posts I have been doing. I always loved watching outfit video’s from other bloggers so why not try it myself?

So I decided to create my youtube account and add video’s on there. Within a couple of days I received a email from youtube asking me if I wanted to add a adsense account to my Youtube channel, this generates money for you when people watch your video’s. My first impression was, hmm why not? So I decided to add the account to my Youtube channel without expecting too much of it.

So 2 weeks ago on a lovely Saturday morning I got a email from google adsence and Youtube saying that my adsense and channel were going to be blocked due to fraud. This got me very angry because I didn’t even wanted the adsense in the first place and now they are blocking my accounts. After feeling down for a day or two I decided I had to move on. So I created a new Youtube account and started from scratch. I did add all of my video’s to the channel because they were made with so much love and passion. However I did lose the subscribers I had on the page so that sucks.

By having this experience I really did learn a lesson, I never going to add some kind of deal even though it sounds good. I really want to gather information about it first. So let this be a lesson to be learned, never ever apply for something before reading the terms. If you want to support me and help my Youtube channel get back up again, I added all my video’s below. So check them out if you want and visit my channel If you want J Have a great day!

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11 lovely comments:

  1. Sorry, but are you allowed to use the music in your videos? I think that's why you were blocked. In Germany, you can't upload a video (and also for making money out of it) unless you own all rights. If it is like that in your country, your video will be blocked anyway. But I don't really know about the terms of YouTube in the Netherlands :)


    1. Yes I know, I can use the music because I'm not making money with the videos rightnow. Before I didn't use the music at all :) But thank you for the suggestion dear X O,

  2. nice outfits you have and you should make more videos

  3. Thanks for sharing with us dear, I am also planning to start my own YouTube channel :)

    1. Thank you dear, let me know when you start and I will check out your channel :)

  4. You are putting a good contain on this blog on regular basis. I like this. Have a look on my movies blog. Where I got 10000 visit per days after working 6 months on my blog Hope you will enjoy my blog contain.

  5. Aw man that's so sad! They didn't tell you anything else other than "fraud?" I would definitely talk to them more about it to see if they can do anything.

  6. Sorry to hear about that.
    Hope everything is good.
    Great videos

    Love Vikee

  7. sorry to hear about that, but thank you for sharing the information...
    Loved your videos!!
    Hope you get more success, peace and happiness in your future projects..Good Luck!

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