New Primark store opening in Dordrecht.

Hi friends, today's post is about the new Primark store in my hometown. Together with some other dutch blogger I got an invitation to visit the store before it would open. And it was so much fun! To share this moment with you I took lots and lots of pictures, so take a look and check if my local primark looks the same as yours :)

First up is the ladies department, this is the first department you will see when entering the store, the combined it with the accessory and bag department.

The store was packed with clothing and accessories for the holliday season, which I love. It's always so festive. One of my fave departments was the accessory department with all the dainty pieces.

Next up is the sleepwear, which was so incredibly cute. Onesies and cozy pyjama pants are one of my weaknesses in winter.

Up next is the beauty department, which is very organized. It looked so clean, I think it won't ever look that way again with all these people visiting everyday.

A lot of cute goodies! they are fairly cheap and might be great stocking stuffers for christmas.

The next department is on the first floor, this contains the children, choes, home and men department.

What can I say I have a great weakness for the childrens department. And especially for the girls clothing, they look so cute, almost makes me want to start on babies myself haha.

Next up is the shoes, home and men department, and they sure had a lot of candles. My o my.

The last corner is the men's department which is quite big for the store. Normally men departments are a little smaller compared to the other departments.

And as usual, the cash registers where a small group of people gave us a very very warm welcome.

 I sure had a lot of fun this day and loved visiting the store before hand. A big thanks to Primark for giving me the opportunity!

I hope you enjoyed this post, which is a little big different than my usual posts, but I wanted to share this with you because everybody has it's own Primark and it is nice to compare them :)

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  1. Lovely post :)

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  2. Very cool post and so lovely pics!
    Hope you check out our page <3

  3. really nice post dear

  4. I love that Primark is opening more stores worldwide, i love Primark so much in fact i just visited recently - they're great for winter clothes and lovely flannel pjs!

    Have a lovely day!
    Rebecca x

  5. Nice post

    Love Vikee

  6. Oh my god!!! Everything looks so good! We don't actually have a Primark in my country, but I'm going to Europe by january and I was definitely planning to buy stuff from Primark and Asos!The prices look great at least <3