New chanel L.A sunrise collection

Hi guys. how are you? Today's post is all about the new Sunrise collection from Chanel which will be in store on the 15th of January. There are some great items in this collection that I'm totally in love with and will be perfect for the upcoming Spring season!

 One of my faves from this collection is this gorgeous nail polish in the color 683 Sunrise Trip. I have lots and lots of blue polishes but the Chanel ones always seem to pop out more on your fingers. This is definetely one of my musthaves from this collection.

The next item is this gorgeous blusher in the color sunkiss ribbon. This blush will be amazing for Spring season due to the vibrant colors, imagine mixing them together and they end up on your face like a paradise on your face, oh yes!

 The next three blushes are in the colors Moonlight pink, Ocean light, and Griffith green. Although I don''t wear eyeshadows a lot, when I wear them I tend to go with the warmer colors. Therefore I really see myself wearing the Moonlight pink as it has a somewhat golden glow over it.

The next item is the Quadra eyeshadow pallete which is one of my ultimate faves! As I said before I like to wear more warm/ earth toned colors on my eyes and this pallete scream earth tones! The only sad part is that this pallete is $61 , will my wallet allow this? haha/
 And the Lippies are saved for last. My lips are the most colorfull in my day time looks, and these lipsticks scream my name! The lipsticks are in the colors: 114 Shipshape,116 Mighty, and 118 Energy. From these 3 colors I think Mighty will be the most suitable for me as it is a vibrant pink color.

I can't wait until these gorgeous products will be in store. However some pieces will not be worth purchasing as they already look to much like the other colors that Chanel has already launched.

In case you are anxious to buy these gorgeous items, they will be in store on 15th of January at your local Chanel seller or the Chanel store itself. Let me know which items are your faves and if you are going to purchase some yourself!

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  1. Love the shadows! ❤

  2. Beautiful collection, I love the palette of eyeshadows. I'm your new GFC follower # 1021 ^ - ^

  3. Great post

    Love Vikee

  4. the colors are stunning

  5. Es una colección maravillosa.

  6. Wonderful collection! Love the lipstick's colors ❤
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