Emoji-nal Autumn with Charlotte Olympia - Fashion

This Autumn is going to be an Emoji-nal one. Emoji's are seen everywhere in store, especially tops, pj's, accessories and even bedding are covered with emoji's. And eventhough the emoji's can be a little bit too much, the cat emoji is now making it's appearance, and this time it's been spotted on the new loafer collection by Charlotte Olympia.

I have to be honest by saying that I don't like the original emoji print on clothing and accesories. However the cat emoji has stolen my heart, maybe it's because deep inside I am a crazy cat lady without a cat, or maybe because I have a weird obsession for cat which also makes me a crazy cat lady. Anyhow, here's how they look..

The shoes are available in the onlineshop and in store, and retail for $525,- , and come with 2 clutches which are also part of the cat emoji collection.

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6 lovely comments:

  1. these are soo cute. i especially love the black one

  2. Yeah look so cute :)

  3. Very beautiful Women's shoes. It was an superb one and fabulous. Looking so pretty. I think this one will be favorite to everyone. Really worthy and fashionable too.Excellent. Really a stunning one, appreciable.

  4. I love the blue one, so cute. Omg! I need that in my life :)