Designer pieces worth investing in

Designer pieces can be quite pricey. You work your butt off for that gorgeous designer piece only to find out it will decrease in value or even worse, go out of style the next season. To make sure you are able enjoy your designer splurges to the fullest, it's smart to make your investment worthwhile by investing in classic pieces and paying attention to the head designer. As we all know that Chanel is the no 1. vintage designer brand we love to have, there are few other designers to invest in.


YSL has been a go to classic designer brand for ages, making it a cheaper alternative for Chanel but having the same elegance. We are all aware that as YSL pieces age they become musthave items and will always maintain or even increase their original price. Definetely a piece to invest in and you won't necessarily have to break your bank for it.


Gucci has been famous for ages, especially because of the creative head designers that have made the brand so popular. Every blogger loves it's Gucci, especially when it comes to accessories the bags and belts are timeless. With the promotion of alessando Michele, Gucci made it big in 2015 by launching their dionysus collection, which was eveery bloggers' go to bag. This collection is defintely worth to invest in as the flower print will always make it's return.


Dior created their lady dior bag in 1994 with the purpose of becoming a classic icon bag. It became a favorite of princess Diana which made the bag even more popular along the years. Nowadays the bag is available in many colors and fabrics each season. Eventhough the bag is a big splurge, with the smallest size ranging from £1.900.

There are many ways to invest, but fashion is a fun way of doing it! So the next time when you're investing in a designer piece, treat it extra nicely as it increases it's value in return :)

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