Gold or Silver: this is what looks best on you

Gold or silver.. I have asked myself that question many times as I stood in the store looking at gorgeous jewelry available in both colors. Of course we all have got our personal favorite when it comes to both tones, however there is a way to check which of the two looks best with your complexion. So next time when you are debating on which one you should buy, here's what you should do:


Take a look at the veins on your hand, what do they tell you? The color can determine weather you have a warm or a cold undertone. If your veins look blue-ish you have a cold undertone and therefore silver jewerly will look great on you. Are they on the greener side, then you have a warm undertone and (rose) gold jewerly would apply to you.


Are you the person that will return as a lobster after a day at the beach? Then you have a cold undertone. Do you have a sunkissed tan skin after your day at the beach (lucky girl!), you have a warm undertone.


Do you have dark/ brown eyes and brown / copper hints as a hair color? You might have guessed it, you have a warm undertone. Or do you have lighter eyes like blue and green, and lighter hair ( think blond), your complexion has a cold undertone.

These 3 steps are quite easy to find out which undertone you have and to find out which jewelry would look best on your skin. However you are free to wear whatever color you like, nobody pays attention to the way your skintone and jewelry match. This article just makes it a lot easier to choose next time when you are debating on which color you should get, or you just buy both! :)

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