Back off Gladiators! The Colosseum can be found in my closet. - Summer inspiration

Guess what’s back in trend again? The gladiator sandals, this time with long / short and heeled versions. I never really liked gladiator sandals but the new versions rock my world!

It’s summer so what can I say, I get a little shopping addicted like mostly all women do. First, because it’s sale season which drives us insane. Second, because it’s summer and we want to look cute and not hide behind coats anymore. It’s our time to shine.

Today I will show you my fave gladiator sandal picks for this summer:

 No 1                                           No 2                                                     No 3

The first three picks are amazing shoes for festivals. Mainly because they are flat with a small wedge to keep you comfortable through the day. These shoes can easily be combined with some cute shorts and a loose top, and you got yourself a nice outfit.

No 4                                              No 5                                                 No 6

The next three picks aren't your standard gladiator shoes, but they sure are a cute version of it. These shoes are a great pick for a summer night out. No matter if you're having dinner with your hubby or going for a night out with your friends, these shoes will be your best friend. Because of the open lace details, it gives you the illusion for longer legs, and be honest we all want those long victoria's secret legs don't we?

I hope you enjoyed my picks for some shopping inspiration yourself. Have fun with what you're wearing and you already look fashionable!

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18 lovely comments:

  1. I Love them all!! Numbers 4 & 6 though! SO nice!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. have a great summer sweetie! love number 5 <3<3

  3. I do not really like these shoes, but some girls they look very beautiful! ))

  4. I'm so so in love with no. 4! <3

  5. number 3 and number 6.. yessss
    love your blog huny.

  6. Wonderful shoes

  7. I've always wanted a pare of gladiator sandals, I need to get back in to what's trendy.

    Meme xx

    New Post:
    'But first.. Let me take a selfie*'

  8. Number 4 and number 5 for me please!

  9. Que linda!
    Tava sumida mais voltei
    to com saudade um beijo se cuida fica com deus!

  10. oh oh love the Number 4 - 5 - 6 :-))))
    great selection!

    Happy day and xoxo from Switzerland,

  11. Nice sandals, love 4 and 5 :)

  12. Really great post:) Have a nice day!