Wishtrend C20 vitamineC 21,5 advanced serum REVIEW - Get the chance to try it out yourself! (SPONSORED)

Hi friends, Today I will be giving a review about the C20 pure Vitamine C 21,5 Advanced serum. I got the opportunity to try out this product by the asian beauty/ skincare website Wishtrend because I became a affiliate ( click here to become a affiliate too). When I first entered the website I noticed that they have a lot of variety in their products. The second thing I noticed is that their prices are very affordable compared to other asian webstores I’ve visited.

The shipping is also very fast in my opinion, I’ve never received anything that fast when it came from Asia. It only took 8 days, normally packages from asia take about 10 – 15 days to arrive at my doorstep. Wishtrend ships worldwide and has products you aren’t able to purchase anywhere else online. You do have to pay for shipping but the rates are very low. In case you don’t want to pay shipping costs, they also have a free shipping zone which display items that are free shipping. The C20 serum is also on that page if you are interested in purchasing it.

I accidently threw away the Wishtrend box the product came in, but the product was carefully wrapped and damage free. Which is a big + to me because I hate it when my packages are damaged, it makes it less exciting to open! I got the opportunity to try 2 products, but I only received the C20 serum which is a great product but it was also slightly disappointing because the other product looked very cool too J

The packaging of the c20 Pure vitamin C, 21.5 advantage serum looks like this:

It comes with a bottle of serum/ 30ml , and a pipette to gather the serum:

Some details about the product:
The serum is developed to rejuvenate and bright the skin. The serum is paraben Free and non sticky. The pure vitamin penetrates deeply into the skin for a transformation filled with rejuvenating effects. Experience the light but powerful effects of original vitamin C serum as it brightens the complexion and restores elasticity deep within the skin. The serum also stimulates collagen production. The product has also received several awards in 2013 and 2014.

How to use:
1.Use day and night after cleansing and prepping the skin with toner.
2. Put about 1-2 drops of the c20 serum on to the hand and aply to dull and sagging areas (avoid sensitive areas like eyes,lip or small wounds), and spread the serum all over the face.
3. Don’t forget to apply your SPF , after putting on the serum.

Product review:
I have been trying this product for 2 whole months now, and the bottle is still half full. This product is very long lasting. In the first few days I didn’t notice any difference after applying the product twice a day. It was only after 1,5 week before I started noticing that my skin was changing. I had some ‘red spots on my skin before I started with the serum (as you can see on the before picture). But after applying the product I noticed that they started to fade. I also had some pigmentation going on which seem to brighten up a lot.
After a month I saw some great improvement in my skin. I normally have a really dry skin, I do apply moisturizer every day but in the mornings my skin would be dry again. But after a month I noticed my skin being less dry and looking very bright. I love that really fresh, wide awake look . This serum made my skin look like that, which I never experienced before with just a serum.

Before and After.

After two months my skin feels alive again. Ofcourse it isn’t a ‘pimple cure serum’, but I did notice less spots on my face. And if I do get a pimple ( in that time of the month), it disappears way faster than before.  I’m very greatful towards Wishtrend for letting me try this product, it’s quite a life changer.

Sorry for the serious face here. I took this picture when I came straight out of bed to let you see the result without having my face cleansed and all.

Pro’s about C20 serum:
-          Brightens the skin.
-          Fades away small scars
-          Brightens pigmentation spots.
-          Scent is clear.
-          Lasts very long with little product.
Cons about C20 serum:
-          Make sure you clean the pipette after use ( the serum will harden).

Pro’s about wishtrend:
-          Large variety of asian products.
-          Products available that can’t be found anywhere else online.
-          Affordable prices.
-          Affordable shipping
-          Fast shipping.
-          Free shipping zone.
-          Package was carefully wrapped.
-          Quick customer service.
-          Added some samples to the package.
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Cons about wishtrend:
-          Forgot to ship my other product.

I hope that you liked my review and that you gained some interest to the product. I was very happy with the product and hooked my friends up with it, that’s how much I like it. This review has been 100% honest and refer to my experience.  The pro’s and cons are opinionated by myself, maybe your likes/ dislikes are different.

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  3. I also got this product from withstand a few weeks ago, and i'm currently loving it!

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  5. Looks like a really nice product , Hope to try it soon. I'll become an affilliate :D thanks dear!

  6. Looks like a really nice product , Hope to try it soon. I'll become an affilliate :D thanks dear!

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