Current shoe obsession.

Hi friends how are you? Due to my busy schedule I wasn’t able to post many articles lately but I’m back in action! And I’m ready to let you all see a little bit more of my life.
Today’s article is about my current shoe obsession. I found these gorgeous designer sneakers by Floris van Bommel. I never heard of this designer until recently when I visited the website Shuz. And all the designs are so amazing that I want to have all of them!

A side from the gorgeous sequins that are covering the whole sneaker, I particularly liked the fringe on the back with crocodile print details. Which fits perfectly into the sequin design and makes it versatile to wear piece or style you want. I’m looking forward to creating some gorgeous outfits with these babies!

Where to get these:

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5 lovely comments:

  1. Pretty shoes!
    I like the glitter and the details :D
    Enjoy your week

    x Isabelle | Outfit Van De
    Facebook: @outfitvandedag
    Instagram: @outfitvandedagblog
    Twitter: @outfitvandedag

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