Looking for perfect skin.

I think I’m speaking for a lot of people, when I say that perfect skin is something some of us have always been longing for. Especially back in the time when being a teenager and the first spots came along, and I never thought I would have the skin that I have right now.

I remember way back then I would envy other people, especially Asians for their pure and fresh looking skin, why couldn’t I have that? Anyway now that I’m a little older I decided to do some research on this subject, why do Asian women and especially Korean women have such great skin? Well they don’t get it for free that’s for sure. Korean women spend a lot of time taking care of their skin with many different steps, some also name it : The 10 steps of beauty.

Following these steps might take 10 – 15 minutes of your evening, but when making this your pre – bedtime routine you have a guaranteed healthier skin! I am definitely going to try out these steps and of course will share the results with you very soon.

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5 lovely comments:

  1. I already heard this.
    But what I really want to try is about using sheet mask daily, some people try it and say if they got very moist skin after that.

    Cant wait to see your result :).

  2. Awesome :)
    You need to adjust it to evening, or daily though.
    When you go to bed you don't need sunscreen, so you can skip that point for overnight, but definitely include it in your daily cleansing routine.
    Same goes for the sheetmask or the rich eyecream and stuff like that, they are sometimes too heavy for the daily routine, so you have to adjust them depending on if it is your daily or your evening routine :)
    But it's true, it definitely does give you awesome healthy skin and also prevent wrinkles etc. :)

    xoxo, Merce

  3. Such cool products! Here in Germany, there are only boring moisturizer and so on:/ Love, Leonie from