Spring accessories with Farbod Barsum.

Lately I’ve been drawn more into qualitative pieces in bags and accessories. I’m getting older and start to appreciate quality when it comes to my accessories, especially when they have high street prices. In today’s article I share my picks on the Farbod Barsum website. They offer a variety of qualitative accessories like bags and wallets.

One of my favorite items is the slimfold wallet. I have a lot of smaller clutch bags that won’t fit my LV and MiuMiu wallets as they are on the bigger side, and I hate putting my cards into the bag’s compartents. A card holder or a slimfold wallet would be the ideal outcome for this problem. I especially  love the black alligator print as it adds more class to the leather print.

Another fave of mine is the passport holder which is made from Italian calfskin. This passport holder adds class to your travel journey and even has card slots with room for your cards. I totally hate carrying a heavy bag with my wallet, passport, laptop etc. when traveling, my wallet often take a lot of room and the passport holder is a great outcome to add more room to my bag when traveling and still have the ability to carry my cards safely.

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