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Spring is starting to make its appearance and gosh I have missed it so much! I finally start to feel happy and looking for bright and pastel colours in my closet again. Therefore I decide to dedicate this article to some Spring fashion faves which can be styled on a budget in collaboration with Style we. And besides the website they also have a Stylewe blog, in which they provide fashion tips.


$99,00 at Stylewe

One item I am definitely looking forward to wear are rompers. They can create any style you like as they are extremely versatile and you don’t have to worry about your top and short matching, because they already do. Of course dressy rompers in white and colourful prints will make they appearance, the same goes for the peplum style.


$23,00 at Stylewe

The off shoulder trend is back for this Spring. We have enjoyed many cold shoulder trends during the Fall and Winter, and now its Spring it is time to show your shoulders again. I love that this Spring, two of my fave trends can be combined. This counts for the off shoulder trend and ruffles, both are very feminine and dressy looking and definetely an item I would buy.


$24,00 at Stylewe

One of my most worn outfits during Spring and Summer are band shirts with denim shorts, a classic! My fave’s are the classic band tank tops, that show some shoulder and can function as tunic length tops. You can create many styles by changing your shoes, go for boots or sandals during festival season and your casual converse’s when you are out and about. So simple but still a look that pulls off.

What are your favourite styles this Spring?

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