Back to school - bag edition!

What's best about going back to school? Buying your back to school outfits ofcourse! And with those back to school outfits you need a new back to school bag. Today I will share some back to school bag inspiration. Both preppy, cute or edgy, choose yourself!

1.                                         2.                                     3.                                   4.

The first set of  backpacks are perfect for a cute girly outfit. And they are quite roomy to fit all of your books in, which is a big + for me :)

5.                                         6.                                     7.                                      8.

The next set of backpacks are for that 'vintage vibe'. These would be perfect with some denims and tall boots. especially when fall is coming soon.
9.                                          10.                                   11.                                    12.

The last backpacks are for the 'edgy look'. I love faux leather backpacks when it comes to looks with more effort. I especially love bag no. 10 because of the cute detailing and the zippers. Definitely a musthave for school this year. 

Hope you enjoyed the backpack inspiration. If you want to check out more cute backpacks go to the website of Banggood.  Feel free to share and spread the love! :)

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9 lovely comments:

  1. Preciosas mochilas para la vuelta a las clases!!

  2. OMG! I love the cat bag!!!!! it's so pretty!! and the black (9-10) So nice post :)

  3. Ohh such beautiful bags! I love the first one so much and also the 10th *-* Where can I buy them? Would be nice if you look at my blog :D

    xoxo Sia ♥

    1. Hi dear, Just click on the number underneath the bag and you will be directed to the website :)

  4. Lovely bags I like them all :)

  5. love them!but most of all 2 and 10