Back to school series: Bags!

As school is approaching and we all have to look fab again for the new year, it is important that we don't forget the main accessory : our bag! Today I will show you 3 types of school bags from Dresslink that variate from bigger to smaller bags. it all depends on what you need to carry around. Since I am in college I don't have a locker to put my items in so a roomy bag is highly needed :)

Backpack 1                                            backpack 2                                      backpack 3

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about schoolbags are backpacks. They are very roomy, have improved in appearance and designs and are quite affordable. what else do you need?

Shopper 1                                         shopper 2                                         shopper 3

Don't like backpacks? No problem, there are also very cute shoppers available that fit a couple of books. Using a shopper for school also gives a instant 'fashionable look'. I always used shoppers for my books back in high school, they are roomy and look glamorous.

Satchel 1                                          satchel 2                                              satchel 3

Dont like backpacks, but also don't want to wear your heavy bag on your arm all day? No problem, that's what satchels are for. These shoulder bags vary from big to small, it all depends on how many you need to carry. I love satchels because they look chique and you don't feel like carrying a large bag. The first 2 satchels have a lot of room for your books and your stationary.

Make sure to have fun at school and make a lot of friends. In the beginning it might seem like the end of the world, but when you make friends it will be paradise and time flies by so fast!

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  1. I prefer backpacks too, the cute little ones are the best! :)
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  2. Love the second backpack! Great selection <3

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  3. I love these backpacks. Wonderful post..Keep In touch dear..

  4. Beautiful post

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  5. Las mochilas son ideales.

  6. Lovely bags. I've been using a similar backpack!