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A while ago I was approached by the company Soufeel to check out their website and choose a bracelet with charms by choice. Ofcourse I couldn't refuse a bracelet like this, I love charm bracelets and especially when they are sterling silver.

When I received the package I noticed that it was packed very firmly, a lot of wrapping. My baby niece decided to play with the bubble wrap so that's no longer available for the picture :)

The bracelet and it's charms come in this gorgeous little box, and they added a small bag with it in case you bought it as a gift :)

When opening the box, all charms and the bracelet are packed separately from each other in plastic. I really like this way of packaging because the charms won't get damaged along the way.

This is what my customized bracelet looks like. What I really love about this website is that you can send them your wrist measurements and they give you a tight fitting bracelet. I really got a big problem with bracelets fitting me due to my small wrists, so having one customized to my wrist size is really a big + .

This is how the clasp of the bracelet looks like, as you can see it's really sturdy. I prefer clasps like this instead of the original clasps, these are more trustworthy. And since it's sterling silver, there isn't a lot that could go wrong with this bracelet.

As for the bracelet, I got a wrist measurement of 14 cm, but they ask you to add another 1,5 cm in order to make it fit. And it fits perfectly :) I was able to choose 2 charms myself and the other 3 where chosen by Soufeel. I decided to make the bracelet a little more personal by going with the letter A and my constellation sign cancer. 

The items: 

I hope you loved my unboxing / review about the Soufeel bracelet. If you are interested you can check out the Soufeel website. They have free shipping over $50, and 365 days return in case you are not satisfied with the product. As already mentioned this bracelet was sponsored, I only take sponsorships if I am sincerely interested in the product or think it's good. 

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