How to survive: hot summer days


Apply SPF sun lotion! One of the most important things is to apply sun lotion when going out. In the summer the sun tends to do more damage to your skin as you burn faster. So prevent damage to your skin and apply before leaving your house.


Drink water before you get thirsty. When you are thirsty, your body signals that it already has a lack of fluid. To stay hydrated, you should drink water often enough to keep this from happening.

Carry water on you at all times. Water bottles are cheap to buy and can be carried to work, to school, or whenever you are away from the house for several hours. An easy trick to keep your water cold for an amount of time ; fill half of your water bottle and place it in the refrigerator until frozen, now you can add water which will be kept cool and you are able to drink it right away!

Turn to fruit

Many fruits are a great source of both electrolytes and fluids,  Bananas and dates are known for having high levels of the electrolyte potassium, making them a great option for refueling during an intense workout. Throw a smoothy party, invite your besties and make some smoothies together followed by watching a movie or your fave show ( PLL season 7 is airing).

Get fashionable with your bottle

Get yourself a cute water bottle. By carying a cute water bottle you are most likely to drink a lot more than usually. Some water bottles even have infusers so you can add some fruit to add some flavor to your water.

Hair to go

Messy buns. Messy buns are perfect for hot summer days as wearing your hair down can cause you to feel even hotter. Add some cute bobby pins, bandana’s or scarfs and you got yourself a cute summer look.


Cold blankets. Hot summer nights most of the time equals to not being able to sleep. If you don’t have airconditioning here is another way of keeping your bedroom cool. One of my favorites hacks is putting my covers in a plastic bag and keep it in the freezer for some hours and right before bedtime l will take them out. This works perfectly!

Water fun

Visit the pool! What’s better than enjoying your summer days at the pool or beach. By spending time in the water the body keeps itself cool. However you tend to tan a lot harder near water so don’t forget to apply sunlotion!


Wear cotton. If you are not able to enjoy the hot summer days at the beach or pool, go for cotton clothing. Cotton clothing tends to breath more and is less clingy tot he skin when its hot.

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  1. drinking and matt oil control paper are the most important things in summer.

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