Summer musthave essentials

Summer is up and running which also means its a little bit more difficult to plan your outfits in advance. We all got a few outfits that are comfy and we cannot live without, and want to spend the restofour lives in. With the heat, outfits can easily become a little bit too hot or uncomfortable. However with the preparation of owning some wardrobe essentials, getting ready in the morning get’s a lot faster.
Skinny jeans

What’s not to love about a pair of form fitting skinny jeans. They are perfect for every occasion and perfect for the lower temprature summer days, and they go with almost anything!

The black dress

This is a musthave piece for every season. A black dress can be worn everywhere for any occasion, and even in the summer you can pair it up with a cute jean jacket and some boots and you got yourself a casual girly look.

White t-shirt

White t-shirts are a must in a girls closet. They can be matched with colored blazers and with skinny jeans and you got that nice flared look. How many times have white shirts saved your life in the morning?

Striped top

A striped top are one of the musthave pieces that bring life into your closet. Preferable a white – blue striped top for that Parisian look.

(pencil) skirts

Ofcourse when it’s summer its time to show your legs. Skirts in light vibrant colors and different textures are a must for summer. Combine them with heels for a feminine look, or with sneakers for a city trip.


Not all of us can enjoy summer to the fullest, instead of wearing cardigans and plain shirts, blouses are amazing for summer. As the weather is nice, there isn’t a jacket needed and therefore you can go with amazing prints and colors.

White sneakers

Sneakers! 2016 is definitely the year of the white sneaker. And they make your legs look more tan! My faves are the low converse sneakers as they go with everything!

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