T-shirts all bloggers are wearing lately.

T-shirts, either you use them for your casual days or you can dress them up. Today I will talk about the 3 latest trends in t-shirts, and when you are done reading you are going to where your comfy tees non stop!

 Text & quotes
Big text and logo's on shirts are HOT! This trend has been going on for quite some time but it still trending amongst many fashion bloggers. The text vary from a few words to some simple sentences, either way super fun and comfy to wear. You can get some over here if you havent already:
Exeption shirt: Get it here!

Dont like you shirt : Get it here!

Cute but psycho tee: get it here!

Small graphics/ pocket graphics

Small pictures on your chest or on the chest pocket are the next big thing! Trend no 2 is a little bit similar to the first trend, but this time its all about the front pockets of your tee and some cute animations. Many are summer inspired, check out these guys:
 Love you long time shirt: Get it here!
Cactus shirt: Get it here!

Brands & logo's

This trend has been making its coming back, large brand names or logo’s. Especially sporty or denim brands like levi’s and vans have been trending lately, combine them with a high waisted pants or skirt and you look effortless. Feel inspired!:

 Levi's brand tee : Buy it here!

Vans brand tee : Get it here!

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