Perfect skin , the journey.

Who doesn’t want to have amazing skin? It makes you confident and shine. And even though your skin needs attention by eating the right amount of foods, the nurturing process is also a very important aspect. What I’ve learned from my skin throughout the years is that it needs a lot of moisture and attention, especially when hormones act up.

Lately my skin has been acting up, feeling like I am going through puberty again. After doing a lot of research I came to realise that hormones are the cause and I need to treat my skin better than I used to. I started to research how some ethnicities have a high population with amazing skin compared to others. I decided to focus on Korean women as most of them have flawless amazing skin.
I came to the conclusion that most Korean women have amazing skin because they work hard to accomplish the perfection in their skin. With morning and evening routines variating between 15 to 30 minutes, twice a day they have a lot of dedication to have flawless beautiful skin. Therefore I decided to start the 10-step Korean beauty routine, every morning and night time. I will follow all steps for 21 days in a row to see if the routine really beautifies my skin or not. During the trial I will take pictures each day to compare the before and after and to keep track of the process.
The 10 Korean beauty routine goes as follow:

The steps say it all, start with cleansing and end with applying SPF. While I have been following these steps for 4 days already, I do see little improvement already. However I do not exfoliate each day, I do it every other day. And I only apply SPF in the morning as I don’t go out at night after following the routine.

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