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The white sneaker can be named THE sneaker of the summer of '16. Brands like Addas and Nike came out with all white collections and every blogger or influencer have been seen wearing them. However now the summer is at it's peak, your sneakers might now be as crisp white anymore. Today I will guide you with some basic steps, to make your white sneakers,white again!

How to :

Step 1: First unleash your shoe laces and place them in a seperate bag, this can be a pillowcase or maybe a sock. Now throw them in the washer at about 30C degrees.

Step 2: With a moisty washcloth carefully whipe all over the sneaker to get rid of the upper dirt.

Step 3: Add a little bit of soap ( neutral ) to a small brush and gently brush your sneakers untill you see the spots disappear slowly.

Step 4: With a clean dry cloth, remove the access soap and dap the sneakers where it's wet.

Step 5: Add a wax free leather spray, and gently spray the sneaker surface. Now let it dry in a stable temperature, and your sneakers will obtain that brand new look again!
( I skip this part with my Converse, as they are cotton, and they might take a little bit longer to dry so you might want to dry them outside in the shadow)

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3 lovely comments:

  1. Great idea, my sneakers can use some cleaning, haha!
    I wish you a happy week! <3
    x Isabelle | Outfit Van De

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