The VMA's - One common fashion piece that you certainly have in your closet!

This year's VMA's were held at the Madison Square Garden, where ofcourse every celebrity tried it's best to shine on the red carpet, and eventhough there were some hits and misses there was 1 fashion trend that was common amongst the celebrities at the red carpet, the black bra.

This year we've seen many lingerie trends on the carpet, starting from showing both top and bottom to...yes.. the nipples themself. After the VMA's I'm happy that trend is past and it made room for a more subtile look that even we are able to wear.

The black bra trend has been spotted by celebs like Hailey Baldwin and Rita Ora and was worn in many ways. It's been seen wearing with nothing but a blazer on top, but also with sheer tops and blouses which is a little bit more style apropriate for the daily life. So jump right into it and grab your sheer tops and bra's!

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