What to wear to a wedding.

Summer is in full bloom and the more you start aging you start to see that everybody around you is getting married. I’m currently in that fase of my life where everybody is getting engaged and start to have babies and all of that, in my case it’s my sister :)
It’s no secret that most of the people plan their wedding in the summer, its one of the brightest seasons we have and the weather conditions are most of the time perfect. We as (female) guests like to dress perfectly to the occasion and feel beautiful and most of the time tend to wear a dress, but what are we allowed to wear and how do we wear it without stealing the bride’s spotlight? Today I’m going to discuss the outfit DO’s and DONTS for wedding guests.

- DO -

Subtile tones

Subtile tones like nudes and pastels are perfect colors as they brighten up your appearance, its a happy day and pastels reflect happiness. Subtile tones also fit in perfectly with the colors of the bride and groom, which is perfect for the wedding pictures.

The perfect shoe

Try to pick shoes that compliment your outfit but are also comfortable as you need to walk on them the whole day, there is nothing worse then not being able to walk or party, or have sore feet when everybody is having fun.

Emergency kit

Prepare an emergency kit beforehand besides carying your cosmetics. Add an extra pair of stockings, a nail file, and maybe even a toothbrush or some toothpicks as you never know what you can expect.

Perfect hair day

Bad hair days are the worst, and most of the time influence your mood. Therefore prepare beforehand what kind of hairstyle you want to wear or maybe even book an appointment at the hairdresser in time before everything is booked. There is nothing worse than looking back at the pictures and thinking ‘only if….’ .

- DONT’S -

Black and white!

There is nothing more insulting then wearing white at a wedding! White is for the bride and we do not want to steal her spotlight. Same goes for the color black at a wedding during the day, however during the evening you are allowed to wear your black cocktail dresses again.

Short dresses

We all know weddings are the perfect place to socialise and maybe even finding your next date. However you do not want to overdress your sexiness as it might attract the wrong kind of attention. And ofcourse, what would grandma say!

Don’t ignore the dresscode

Themes are created with a reason, not only would you stand out ( in a wrong kind of way) the bride and groom might have came up with the theme for picture and experience purposes, don’t ruin this for them, its their day :)


Wedding drape cold shoulder maxi dress


PETITE 60s Pastel Sweetie Crop Top Mini Dress


Tall WEDDING Halterneck Chiffon Maxi Dress


Sweetheart Maxi Dress With Eyelash Lace Trim


High Neck Embellished Detail Maxi Dress


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3 lovely comments:

  1. Great tips. I completely agree with you on these! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo Azu

  2. I'm invited to a wedding in September, still don't know what I'll wear :D

    I'll definitely consider these tips, so thanks for sharing ;) xx