The IT ear ring of this season! - TREND

Ear candy! What’s not to love about it, ear candy makes your outfit look more delicated and just brightens the boring ear. A new trend that has been spotted amongst a few celbrities already are the ear suspenders.  This earring is a bar earring that enlongates your ear in a cute way and gives a special look to your accessories.

Earring influencing celebrities like Anna Kendrick and Gigi Hadid have already been spotted wearing these cute babies, and who are we not to follow this cute trend! As for now I haven’t seen any store yet to carry these earrings, but I’m sure they will pop up very soon. As for now we can gaze at our celeb inspiration :).

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1 lovely comments:

  1. I love the way they look! They look amazing. Thanks for sharing :)

    xo Azu