Emmy's : Hit's and Misses

Last sunday the annual Emmy’s took place, the 68th edition to be exact and oh boy did I love some outfits. I love award ceremony’s like these as everybody gets glammed up and try to look their best, kind of like me at Christmas!

However There were some hits and misses like always and as always we need to form our opinion about it. Why? Because it’s fun and everyone can have its opinion.

Best dressed:

Giuliana Rancic
I like this look at it looks gorgeous on here as the nude fits in perfectly with her complexion. I also love that the drape is sheer and looks very fairytale – like.

Emmy Rossum
I love this glamorous but sophisticated look she has going in her. It looks very classic Hollywood and she wears this dress perfectly. This is something I could definitely see myself in!

Kristen Bell

I love love love this dress. It looks like this dress is made for her and she looks stunning in it. I love the floral details as it covers the whole Autumn trend that’s going on right now.

Worst Dressed

Kirsten Dunst.
Eventhough the jumpsuit is black, it still shows a lot of curves in the wrong way. Normally black is the safe way to go, this time.. not so much. The change of fabrics make her look bigger than she actually is.

Mandy Moore
One thing that does look great is the color together with her complexion and hair. But that’s where it ends. There are simply too many ruffles that cover the chest which make her unnecessary big on the top. The fabric transition between the top and bottom also doesn’t look too well.


Sarah Hyland.

There is a very big controversy about Sarah Hyland’s outfit ( Modern Family). Her outfit is talk of the day mainly because the audience is opinionated that her outfit wasn’t Emmy worthy and just didn’t belong there.

That’s where I think people are wrong. Any event, glamorous or non-glamorous isn’t all about wearing dresses as a woman. She felt like nobody ever worn pants on the red carpet at the Emmy’s and she wanted to give it a try.

I have to say that I am totally in love with her outfit as she wears it very well and on trend. The fabric details and the detailing at the waist hugs her features well and makes her body look like an hourglass. Even her shoes look to die for!

Which outfit did you like the most?

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