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Hi friends, today’s lifestyle post is all about having fun! As I was watching tv and saw some game shows, I came across bubble football and thought it was so funny. This game is perfect for when you have a long weekend with your friends, especially now it’s still summer!
And I knew I just had to share this one with you because it looks like so much fun and it’s also very simple to do. It just starts with all the players being covered by giant bubblesuit, and playing soccer while you bump into each other.

So I decided to find out where the balls can be purchased, only to find out not a lot of webshops sell these soccer bubble balls. Fortunately I came across the website of , and they offer free shipping which is a big plus for me, I don’t like to pay for shipping. So I think they are worth mentioning on my blog, I love promoting happy things to do.

The soccer balls come in different colors which looks fun, as it makes the game more happy. And when you choose several colors it’s easier to know which person is on what team. What I like about this game is that anyone can play it, families, friends and maybe even at school as a fun P.E workout in the summer. I would definetly would like to play this game with my friends if we had a nice weekend together!

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  1. Any kid would jump with joy once they discover that they have received the Zorb ball to play with. This is really a great option that parents can buy for their kids or his/her friends.