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As I’m writing this article on a sunny Sunday morning, I just wonder what to do today. All I think about lately is having a vacation on a tropical island with lots of fun water activities, because I love hanging out in the water.
My brother recently bought himself a boat and I cannot wait to acompany him on it. While looking around for boat accessories we stumbled upon a website called inflatable-zone which sell awesome inflatable gadgets both in and outside the water. One item that specificly caught my attention was the flying fish. This inflatable gadget makes you fly behind the boat over the water, how amazing is that? You do need to do it in a safe place ofcourse but I am so eager to try something like this. This really got my brother hyped up and wanting to have it right now! Haha we can act like kids sometimes.

Dont feel like flying? They also have cute water rollers, like in the picture below. I wish these gadgets existed earlier because I feel like a kid wanting to try all of these inflatable water gadgets, and so does my brother.  And this one is a better option than the flying fish if you are scared of heights. This could be something my mom would enjoy and you don’t need to be in far water for this one, you just need pool or something like it. I could really see myself rolling and playing all day with these gadgets. As summer is not over yet and we still have a few sunny days left it’s time to enjoy and have the greatest summer ever! Or at least the best summer of ’16 , have a nice day!

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