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As the school year has officially started again here in the Netherlands, it reminded me that some of you might be in their senior year and already feel amped up about finishing school and your last prom. Therefore I decided to dedicate a post on homecoming dresses, and also where to get a cheap affordable gown, as some of you don't really have a lot to spend and that's perfectly fine. I myself also did not have a lot of money to spend on my gowns and actually wished there where some cheaper alternatives a few years ago.

As I was looking for some pageant inspiration, I came across the Dressthat website, and found out that they had gowns that are more affordable than the store I usually get my dresses. These gowns are also perfectly fine as pageant gowns, which brought me to this website in the first place. But as I tend to focus on homecoming dresses today, I choose 3 cheap homecoming dresses that are affordable and have different styles as some proms might be a little bit more conservative. I also added the links to the website in case there is interest in buying them. 

Dress number one is a gorgeous long ball gown with a black choffon and lace texture. This makes the dress flowy when walking, creating that goddess feeling. I love that this website added pictures of 'real' girls wearing the dress, so there is no photoshopping involved. 
You can buy the dress HERE 

Dress number 2 is a typical girly girl prom dress but also adds a bit more sexy because of the cold shoulders. What I love about this dress is that the fabric goes around the neck area, making it chique already and a necklace will not be needed, in that way you can wear more jewelry around the wrists. 
You can buy the dress HERE

The last dress is a little bit more sexy, this is for a homecoming where the dress code isn't so restricted. What I love about this dress is that it looks very simple but expensive, and the tray creates an instant romantic feel. This dress lets you go all out concerning jewelry as the dress is strapless, therefore you can add a statement necklace to catch attention, or add a small dainty necklace for that elegant feel. 
You can buy the dress HERE.

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