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Today I will be sharing a recipe of one of my fave drinks in summer. Not only is it refreshing, it also contains just a little bit of sugar which makes it a guilt-free beverage to drink. The ingredients can be found in almost every supermarket and if you buy enough you are able to throw a cold- beverage party and invite all of your friends withoout spending loads of money, enjoy!

The ingredients:

- 4 large fresh lemons
- 5 cups of cold water
- rosemary twigs ( depending on how many glasses you are going to fill
- 3-4 tbl sp of any syrup of choice ( I love raspberry)
- Some ice to cool the drink

How to:

1. squeeze the lemons and collect the juice in a lemonade can
2. add the syrup to the lemonjuice and stirr.
3. now gently add the water and stirr the mixture
4. divide the mixture over the amount of party glasses of choice.
5. Add icecubes and a rosemary twigg to the drink and voila, you're done!

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