4 tips to create your new Autumn / Winter '16 wardrobe

Ever wondered how some people always seem to wear a new outfit? I sure did, for many years I wondered how some people could pull off new outfits everytime, are they rich? How much do they spend on clothing?

As many of us don't have a whole lot of money to change our wardrobe every season, there are ways to create a different wardrobe each season. I applied these tricks and actually found out a whole new wardobe, and within budget. Do you also want to create a new wardrobe? Then try out these tricks:


Many times you forget what you have bought last year, by cleaning out your closet you might find old your old key pieces and you can combine them with some newer items that you have bought since them. Not only is this trick free as you are not spending any money, but it is also ecological friendly as you are not waisting it and throwing it away.


There are many possibilities on how to wear certain clothing pieces. Re-invent your style by trying out clothing combinations that you have never thought about. Many times trends will come back the year after, so this is the time to wear your items that you've scored during last year's sale.


When cleaning out your closet you might find some clothing that you aren't fond of anymore. If the pieces are new or hardly worn you can decide on selling them, which in return you can invest that money in your new Autumn/ Winter wardrobe. If the clothing is worn and unable to sell you can decide on donating in to goodwill. H&M actually has an offer currently ( The Netherlands) , where you can deposit a bag of old clothing, and they will provide you with a 15% discount coupon.


A lot of people forget that Summer pieces are perfect to create that Summer - Autumn transition , some even can be worn through Winter only by mixing it well. There is a lot of sale going on currently and it's crazy not to make use out of it. Think about lace summer dresses that would look great with some thights and a cardigan or a sweater on top of it.


Although sometimes it's hard to commit to that one piece that is a little bit pricier, we sometimes choose for a cheaper option and therefore also cheaper quality of clothing. By investing in a piece that cost a little bit more, you get 10 times more the wear out of it, especially when it's a returning piece every year. My tip in this case is to shop and feel the fabrics yourself, also fashion magazines give great tips on which pieces are likely to return each season and to invest on.


Looking stylish and on trend doesn't have to be expensive. There are a lot of stores that carry lots of trendy pieces for budget prices, and the quality is also very good most of the time. Taking into account the H&M consious collection, these are high quality fabrics for budget prices. Here are a few stores that are affordable and have quite good quality pieces + they ship international ( links included):

                                 ASOS (especially the Sale)


There are a lot of second hand websites available right now, which sometimes even carry new pieces. Sometimes it's really a case of 'finding a needle in a haystack', but when you found a treasure it's even more rewarding. I love to scroll around Ebay for example, where a lot of the items still have tags. I have lots and lots of shops like these, that I think that it's better to make a seperate article on it.

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