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To all the girls out there wanting fuller hair. I'm one of you, I admit eventhough my hair isn't that thin to begin with. However the second day after washing it my hair tends to get flatter and flatter, mainly because it will loose it's volume which is completely understandable because of the oils. Normally I would start teasing my hair, but as Fall is already here I can feel my hair getting more dry already and I don't recommend teasing dry hair. Luckily I had the opportunity to try out the hair extensions from Irresistable me.

I already have a history with using extentions/ weaves. A couple of years ago I had really thin hair due to a lot of stress and just puberty I guess. That's when I decided to have weaves installed into my hair, as my co-worker was also a beauty/ hair artist (lucky me!).  I got really addicted to having the weave that I could'nt live without them, but it does add weight to your hair! Lucky I had them installed with micro rings (best option if you ask me), instead of braiding them, which causes to break your hair.

Now you are probably wondering, why did you stop wearing weaves when you loved them so much? There are two reasons why I stopped wearing weaves, the first reason is money. Buying real hair and especially in a longer length costs quite a bit of money, but the hair also needs to be 'weaved' in your hair, which also adds up. But again I was lucky to have a co-worker that could do that for me for a friendly price :) The second reason might sound a little bit weird. The weave added so much hair that I ended up having a whole lot of hair after washing it. This caused me to seperate my hair in 3 parts to be able to comb it through, which is quite a hassle when having to hurry in the morning. I can go on and on writing about my hair and my history with extentions and weaves etc. So if you guys are interested in more about that I can address that in another article before this one get's to long.

When Irresistable me contacted me, I just couldn't resist especially after I saw the extentions on the website. They have several colors and styles to choose from giving you many possibilities, it all depends what you are looking for. I picked the Silky touch extentions in the color light brown nr.6  And eventhough my hair changes a lot during the seasons ( blame the gorgeous sun), the extentions do match my hair color really nicely.


After opening the package, the extentions come in a well designed box with the logo printed on top. When you open the box, the extentions come in a zip-lock bag covered with a sealing strip. Do keep in mind that whenever you break the sealing strip you are not able to return the extentions. However there is a small side pocket with a pair of extentions which you can take out to see if they match your hair color, which is such a smart thing to do from the company!

After taking out the extentions there is one thing I notice imediately, they feel so soft! And yes I had to test them right away, I tried them on and even used my curling iron on them, I love that they curl so easily, which is important for me as I am always on the go and hurry. The set looks as following:

Wearing them

After opening this package I acted imediately and I took a before and after picture. This is after I came out of work with second day hair so you can see how the hair looks with non-volumenous hair.

Before ( second day hair, non combed and non volume)

After ( added only 3/4 of the extentions, again non combed. did curl the extentions because I was too excited,sorry!)

End result

It's amazing how many volume these extentions add to my hair, especially when you realised I didn't even comb my hair, it get's even better after you do!  The color blends in very well with my natural color and even when the hair is on curled it blends in very well. Looking at the quality of the extentions, they score very well on a price - quality ratio, they are amazing quality and fit in an affordable budget especially as you get 20 % off your first order when making an account on the website.

How they look like when the hair is combed and styled, amazing!

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