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One beauty trend that is very popular right now is the magnetic face mask. When I read about this mask, it instantly got me amped up because it sounds so much fun. The face mask works just like any other face masks beside the fact that it is magnetic. The mask is created by the dermatologist Harold Lancer, who treats many celebrities like Kim K. and Lucy Hale.

The magnetic mask works anti aging, removes impurities from the skin and even progresses the production of collagen. The mask itsself works like any other mask, you have to apply the mask to a cleansed face and wait up to 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes the fun begins as you can use the magnetic wand and hover it along your face, that's when you can see the magnet attracting the facemask from your face.

This mask sounds very interesting, and I would love to try it sometime. However the downside to this mask is that it's not as affordable for everyone. The treatment comes in a pack of 4 masks, including the magnet for the price of $250. Interested? You can buy this treatment at Harrods.

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