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Autumn is an amazing season for the Fashionista's among us. It's the season to bring out your suede and leather pieces, and blanket scarfs ofcourse! However Autumn knows many forecasts and the weather changes a lot during this season, this causes your early Autumn favorite not able to be worn during the end of the season. Today's article adds up all the Fashion pieces you're only able to wear during early Autumn, so act fast and wear them now while you still can.


The first fashion piece are suede items. Suede items look gorgeous during Autumn with the vibrant colors and accessories that are available. It is THE piece of the season and unfortunately also the item that can be worn the least during Fall before it starts raining and the texture of your accessories get ruined.


Trenchcoats are perfect when it omes up to the layering during this season. Eventhough the trenchcoat can be worn a little bit longer during this season, you'll soon find out that the weather is just catching up on you and it soon will be too cold to wear this garment.

Open toe boots

Open toe boots and trenchcoats go together perfectly, But as said before, it doesn't take long before the weather catches up and your toes beg you to wear closed booties instead. In relation to the trenchcoat, the open toe boots are able to last a little bit longer as you are able to keep yourself warm with other items.

Leather shorts & skirts

Leather skirts and shorts are very addicting to wear during this season, they give an edge to your outfit and gives a very feminine, sophisticated look. This piece is probably the one you can wear the longest as you always combine them with thights or a long warm coat.

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2 lovely comments:

  1. trench coats and hats are really must haves in fall season, but I'm not a fan of open toe boots. maybe oversized clothes in addition?

    xo. tthuy | RubyliXious

  2. Beautiful inspiration :) I love hats :)