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When talking about Autumn fashion, it automaticly screams boots! Boots are the fun accessory to play with during Fall as you can be playfull with your choice. There is no need to worry about cold feet or your feet getting sweaty because it's actually the perfect temperature to wear them. Today's article is about 3 different styles of boots that will be trending this Fall season, and ofcourse like always I will provide some affordable options where to buy them.

Knee high's

Ofcourse I had to start of with knee high boots, they were an IT piece last year and this year they have made their return for Autumn '16 . This time the boots have also been seen wearing other colors besides black, rocking it in Burgundy, Tan and Grey colors. These boots are perfect when wearing skirts, shorts or dresses as they keep a large part of you legs warm.

Mid calf

Mid calf boots cannot be missed this Autumn. The trend has been spotted everywhere and we all love it! The mid calf boots can spice up any casual outfit as it imediately screams Fashionista. Go for an all black boot when wearing prints, or go for some velvet ones in funky burgundy or grey colors when wearing something casual.

Cut out's

We already seen this trend during the last few years and ofcourse this year it had to make its comeback. This type of boots gives an edge to the outfit without having to try hard. Go for a simple black leather type or wear one with buckles or zippers for that wow factor.

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