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As we are headed to the colder days with the cold temperatures and winter coming soon, we need to take measures and take good care of our skin. Personally I have never spend much attention on preparing my skin for Winter and I regret it every year. Therefore this year I will take precussions and treat my skin well before it gets dry and flaky.

Especially the lips are the main focus point for me, as I have chapped lips during Autumn and Winter and sometimes even Spring. And we all know that chapped lips are a big no no as it looks like you haven't spend time on yourself and we want them to look soft and fresh.

Here are 5 tips to take good care of your skin during the next couple of months.


This has been said many times! Water is the key to stay hydrated, not only on the inside but on the outside. When you have enough water intake, your body doesn't need to extract it from your skin. Especially chapped lips are a cause of not drinking enough water.


Invest in a good moisturizer and apply this every morning. A moisturiser does'nt have to cost a lot of money, it just needs to hydrate your skin. Find out what kind of skin you have ( dry, mixed, oily) and choose a moisturizer that helps you maintain that glowy skin. And if you feel like spending some extra bucks, invest in a night cream. During the night your body restores everything, you can help your body a little bit more by applying a night cream.

3. SPF

Talking about moisturizing, SPF is highly important. A lot of people think that just because Summer is over, SPF is not needed anymore, wrong! As long as the sun is shining there will be radiation and therefore SPF is needed. Dry skin isn't only caused by the cold Winter months but also by radiation so take good care of your skin and find a moisturizer or foundation/ powder that has SPF in it.


Eventhough it feels amazing to take a shower when it has been cold outside, and you cannot wait to turn up the heat. It might be better not to change the heat when showering. The hot temperature causes your skin to release it's natural oils which in return causes the skin to become dry and flaky. I am sad to say that I am a victim of this, I love hot showers in Winter and I have to stop doing it to my skin.


Omega fats aren't only good for your joints and nails, it's also amazing to your skin and hair. Make sure to eat some (healthy) fatty fish with lots of omega 3 in it, you can think of Tuna or Salmon which not only taste great but also works wonders for your body. Now we have an excuse to go out for sushi, one california roll for me please!

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4 lovely comments:

  1. Oh yesssss! I already feel the changes for my skin.
    It gets much more dry, hydrating is the key!!!

    xoxo, Colli

  2. Great tips i was really needed :)

  3. good tips! thank you~