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It might sound like a big taboo, leg shaving. However this is a task that most women have at least once a month. And it is probably one of the most anoying and time consuming things there is. But did you know that there is a specific time that's best for you to shave your legs? Me neither, but I recently read an research article that explained why and when it's best to shave your legs.

And the research stated that it's best to shave your legs at night. Yes at night! When going to bed, our legs get warmer and therefore the tiny hairs that have been missed, will retreat into the hair follicles and appear less obvious. And as your legs are still warm in the morning, they will automaticly appear a lot more smoother.

On the contrary of shaving in the morning. When going outside your legs instantly get colder and the follicles with tighten, and remember those tiny hairs you might have missed? Well they will feel prickly instantly because they didn't have the time to retreat. End result, shave your legs at night and they will appear and feel smoother.

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