7 musthave halloween products from Lush

Hardly anyone I know can not say that they don't like Lush products, and once you've stepped in their store you can't neither. I officially discovered Lush a couple of years ago and it was right after Christmas and they had an amazing after Christmas sale going on so I bought a couple of things including the famous 'snow fairy' shower gell. And that's when I became hooked.

For every season they seem to come up with new shapes and fragrances in their soaps and other goodies. And since Halloween is around the corner, they also have a Halloween collection which makes you want to spend your moneyz. Enough said, let's get to the goodies..

Autumn leaf
This Bathbomb smells like fresh grass in the early Autumn days.
Sounds like a dream right? But wait..
This gorgeous Bathbomb will change the color of the water,
turning it green, to yellow, to red. An amazing Autumn paradise.

boohoo bath melt
This little one is actually too cute to use.
If you have the courage to use this little one, it will release a ginger scented
fragrance to your water and skin.

Goth Fairy shmmer bar
This bar adds instant cuteness to your shower, it's almost too cute to use.
The bar moisturises the skin and adds some sparkle to the water.
Edward Cullen style.

Lord of missrule 
This bath bomb will turn your water red, which might seem scary at first.
But relaxing by the scent later on. 
This Bathbomb is extra creepy this season.

The Monsters' Ball
This bath bomb will turn your shower into an amazing scent,
the bomb contains Hamalian Rock salt and Lime oil.
Inspired by the abominale snowman.

Pumpkin bath bar
This Bathbomb will turn your shower into an autumn paradise,
filled with pumpkin scents, don't forget to grab your pumpkin Latte's
as you feel tempted eating this Bathbomb by the smell.

Sparkly pumpkin bubble bar.
This pumpkin is scented with Junniperry and Lime,
 a perfect autumn combination.

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